Reece Donovan

Train With Reece

Hi I’m Reece, I was born in London and I’ve always loved sports since a young age starting with gimnastics, cross country running moving into rugby and then into football which I played all the way up to adulthood, playing semi professional in Gibraltar.

I moved over to Spain in 2005, learnt the language and embraced the culture being half Spanish myself.

I’ve been a level 3 personal trainer and level 2 fitness instructor since 2015 and like my colleague Luis, started working as a pt at ocean Village health club and as a fitness instructor at reshape and rumble.

In 2018 I traveled back over to the UK to further my studies and became a level 1 strength and conditioning coach.

By 2019 I had gained a great client base and a reputation of pushing everyone to their limits and beyond becoming head trainer at reshape!

Fast forward to December 2020 I decided to join Absolute fitness and continue to learn and grow whilst also offering my expertise.

A few of the training methods I specialise in are: strength training, muscle gain, fat loss, conditioning and athletic performance to list a few.

Favourite quote: “How you do anything is how you do everything”