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Health and fitness has always been my passion and 10 years ago I left my old job to persue and make a career out of it.  I trained as a Clinical Pilates Instructor, doing all the certifications and further studies available and I still could not help or fix my clients like I wanted to, slowly I became drawn to a different method of training called Functional Patterns.   This led me to travel a few times to USA to become a Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Specialist – a movement trainer.

I offer rehabilitation and strengthening programmes for all ages and abilities to enhance athletic performance or to correct movement dysfunctions to prevent injuries that eventually lead to pain or surgeries.  Move and function pain free is my ethos whether you are recovering from surgery or an injury or just wish to have your posture or gait cycle analysed and corrected.  I have local osteopaths and chiropractors refer many of their clients to me as they are well aware of what this method of trading has to offer.

In addition to Human Biomechanics Specialist I’m

– Clinical Pilates Instructor

– Level 3 in Adapting Exercise for Older Adults

– Level 3 in Adapting Exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal Clients

– Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Specialist

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